Why Believe in Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ? Did he really exist? Does secular history attest to his existence? If he really existed, was he just an ordinary man? Is there any real evidence that he was more than just a man? And if he was more than just a man then what does that mean for you and me? In this presentation we attempt to answer these vitally important questions.

Christ Our Saviour

As human beings we are all children of the first man Adam, and because Adam sinned, because He broke Godís eternal law, we all became partakers of that sin, we all inherit Adamís fallen nature, a nature that is separated from God. We are born into this world separated from God by sin, and we also inherit the just penalty of that sin - eternal death, eternal separation from God.

In this presentation we examine the wonderful provision that God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ in their great love for us have together provided to free us all from that sentence of death. We see how faith in Christ makes it possible for us to be forgiven, to be pardoned, to be reconciled to God, to be counted righteous before God, to be adopted into His royal family as His children. We see also how faith and trust in Christ empowers us to live the same perfect life of obedience to Godís eternal law that Christ Himself lived.

Christ is knocking at the door of your heart Ė will you open the door and invite Him in today so that He can give you the free gift of eternal life?



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